As our goal is a successful experience for those we work with and to provide all our clients with excellent service, the following policies are in place for us to efficiently do this. Please read all policies carefully.

Package Pricing and Expirations

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# of SessionsRatePackage ExpirationMake a Payment
Per Session$60n/aMake a Payment
20$458 Weeks (After Date of Purchase)Make a Payment
16$507 Weeks (After Date of Purchase)Make a Payment
10$556 Weeks (After Date of Purchase)Make a Payment

To get maximum results, it is our recommendation that you train at least three days a week.  If you need additional time to complete your package, please speak with your trainer.

It is the client’s responsibility to schedule their sessions.  Please be sure to get your training sessions completed in the time allotted for these packages so you do not lose your sessions.


Brock Fitness bills its clients on a pre-pay basis.  Payment will be due at the 1st session of the next series of training sessions.  Discounts on session rates apply only to packages paid in full in advance.

Scheduling Appointments

Appointments will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

Brock Fitness reserves the right to change these policies at any time.

Download Policies and Billing Agreement (PDF)